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$ 4.99 /month
1 vCPU
20 GB SSD Storage
100 Mbps unmetered
Instant Setup


$ 8.99 /month
2 vCPU
40 GB SSD Storage
2TB @ 1 Gbps Traffic
Instant Setup


$ 17.99 /month
4 vCPU
80 GB SSD Storage
4TB @ 1Gbps Traffic
Instant Setup


$ 34.99 /month
4 vCPU
120 GB SSD Storage
6TB @ 1Gbps Traffic
Instant Setup


$ 65.99 /month
8 vCPU
240 GB SSD Storage
10TB @ 1Gbps Traffic
Instant Setup


$ 149.99 /month
8 vCPU
640 GB SSD Storage
20TB @ 1Gbps Traffic
Instant Setup


$ 299.99 /month
16 vCPU
1 TB SSD Storage
Unmetered 1Gbps
Instant Setup

VS 128GB

$ 499.99 /month
24 vCPU
128 GB RAM
1.5 TB SSD Storage
Unmetered 1Gbps
Instant Setup

Why Entexion VPS?

Experience total control, and seamless scalability, empowering you with the ideal platform for a robust and customizable online presence

Global reach

Global Reach, Your Choice: Select the perfect location for your Virtual Private Server from our worldwide network of datacenters

Privacy and confidentiality

Experience ironclad privacy and confidentiality on our VPS, fortified by robust security measures, ensuring the utmost protection for your sensitive data and digital assets

SSD servers

Transform your website from sluggish to lightning-fast with our high-speed SSD-type disks, not only optimizing file storage but also ensuring an exceptional boost in overall site performance


Unlock dynamic growth with our VPS scaling, providing the flexibility to easily adjust resources, meet evolving needs, and optimize performance for your expanding online ventures

OS choice

Choose your preferred digital domain with our VPS, featuring a selection of popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as the robust Windows Server, providing flexibility and compatibility for diverse hosting needs

Top tier security

Ensuring the highest standards of server security is paramount in safeguarding your digital assets, employing advanced measures akin to the stringent protocols observed in top-tier facilities globally. Our robust security protocols and practices create an environment that prioritizes the protection of your data and online presence, offering a level of defense comparable to the most secure facilities worldwide

Powerful network

Fuel your online success with our VPS, boasting a powerful network infrastructure that delivers high-speed connectivity, robust data transfer capabilities, and dependable accessibility, providing an exceptional foundation for your digital endeavors

Money back guarantee

Rest easy with our 14-day Money Back Guarantee – we stand by the quality of our service, and if you're not completely satisfied within the first two weeks, we'll refund your payment, no questions asked


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a powerful hosting solution that provides dedicated resources within a virtualized environment. It operates as an independent server with its own operating system, allowing users to enjoy greater control, customization, and performance compared to shared hosting. VPS is an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a scalable and flexible hosting solution tailored to their specific needs, offering the benefits of dedicated hosting without the cost of managing an entire physical server.

Security is a top priority for our VPS hosting. Each Virtual Private Server operates in an isolated environment, ensuring that your data and resources are protected from other users on the same physical server. Our robust security measures include firewalls, regular security updates, and intrusion detection systems to thwart potential threats. Additionally, with root access, you have control over your server’s security configurations, allowing you to implement custom measures for an extra layer of protection. Rest assured, our VPS is designed with stringent security protocols to safeguard your digital assets and maintain a secure hosting environment.

Yes, at Entexion, we understand the importance of flexibility, and that’s why we allow users to upload custom ISOs (Operating System Images) to their Virtual Private Servers. This unique feature sets us apart from many other providers by empowering you to install and run the operating system of your choice, giving you unparalleled control and customization over your VPS environment. Whether you have specific software requirements or prefer a personalized setup, our custom ISO upload option provides the freedom to tailor your VPS experience according to your unique needs.

At Entexion, we prioritize top-notch hardware to ensure optimal performance for our VPS users. Our servers are equipped with high-quality components, including robust processors, ample RAM, and SSD storage, offering a reliable and efficient hosting environment.

Moreover, we employ advanced load balancing techniques, such as live migration. This feature allows for the seamless distribution of workloads across multiple servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization and preventing performance bottlenecks. Live migration enables us to balance server loads dynamically, providing enhanced stability and performance for your VPS hosting experience.

Absolutely! At Entexion, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer custom VPS plans, allowing you to tailor your hosting package to match your unique requirements. Whether you need additional resources, specific configurations, or have special hosting needs, our custom plans empower you with the flexibility to create a hosting solution that perfectly suits your business or project.

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